Ida Bagus Putu Tantra, active -, 18 works

Tantera learnt how to draw from his older brother Togog. He never met Bonnet or Spies and was not a member of the Pita Maha collective. There are seventeen pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission (H. Geertz 1994: 112).
IDA BAGOES POETOE TANTRA CENTRAL - SERIOUS ABOUT 20 LOW SKILL SECOND WAVE ILLITERATE CANT SPEAK MALAY INTERVIEWED 16 PICTURES T Questionnaire: Brahmana Boeda, Younger brother of Ida Bagoes Made Togog T. estimated in 1938 to be about 21 years old, already married, same age as Ida Bagoes Njoman Tjeta. Father IBP Soeta, dead about 12 years ago, when IBTantera was about 9. Mother from Brah Beoda Batuan, still alive. Siblings: Ida Bagoes Kompiang, already married but living at home, Ida Bagoes Made Togog, married and living at home, Ida Bagoes Poetoe Tantera. Married, kaola from Batoean, has one child Ida Bagoes Wajan. poor, father had taken care of siap, made ritual items, gambled. Ida Bagoes Poetoe Tantera makes pictures and gambles, wife makes pelangi. Went to Tabanan for harvesting. Can't read or write any language. MK interview: 1.has been painting about 2 years - so first paintings are in coll. Work other than painting: dancing in gambuh - does Temenggoeng (or: from temenggoeng?) Has no other work such as carving. teacher -- Ida Bagoes Togog Has completed the work of others 2. Is doing more work now than previously Does not work with anyone else [must mean does not work on one picture with anyone else], does not have murid works at home of Ida Bagoes Nyoman Tjeta, usually with others, in daytime. Gets his stories from his memory. Thinks of story then makes picture 3. Sells most to Tuan Bayung; in past sold to Tuan Ikan in Sanoer. Does not belong to Pita Maha, did not try to join Has sold to Hubolt has sold by himself alone and with people. Has not sold pictures by others. 4. Has had nothing to do with the Kulit Putih [but see below -- I guess he tagged along with Togog] 5. first picture: someone grabbing a snake, sold to Tuan Bayoeng. [does not seem to be in the collection - may be M3 in the Library of Congress collection, may have been sent to CBB?] b. says he can't answer who were the first picture-makers in Batuan First picture he saw was by Ida Bagus Togog Did not watch Patera draw. 6. Likes: Nothing in wayang. Story, Sang Sampi with Galuh Daa riding on him. Performances, arja and barong. Watching, dancing. In drawing likes to do alas-alasan and oemah-oemahan In drawing likes ngeringgit and ngucek Has never seen endihan, tonja, or leyak, has never been possessed Would dare anything on list. 7. Has lived outside Batuan, in Bajra (Tabanan) 4 months, worked with friends. 8. Has been to: Hubolt, Museum, Toko Ikan, home of Spies, Bonnet, Meier, inside Bali Hotel, movie, hospital in Badung to visit a sick person. Has not been to: LeMayeur, Mershon, Buleleng, Kerta Ghosa, Besakih, Batukau. *********** co-artists of pictures in coll. - none first picture in collection 6/2/36, of man in forest, Papaka Texts, original subjects Pre-Apr 36 none April 36 -- June 37 June 36, Papaka, LOW SKILL, forest. might be his first 1/37 forest, small figures cutting wood, LOW SKILL 2/37 Dukuh in forest, med size, complex LOW SKILL 4/37 swimming, pool is square, awkward. LOW SKILL FIRST LARGE: April 24,37, 16x21, Balang Tamak, large complex, rare story, LOW SKILL 5/1/37 shitting goat and Balang Tamak, LOW SKILL July 37 - Mar 38 7/28, 15x17, Dukuh, large complex -- LOW/MEDIUM SKILL 9/2/37 two crude pictures of children playing, UNSKILLED large picture of Godogan and 3 smaller ones, LOW SKILL no pictures from Oct 37 to Feb 38 Feb, 1938 two pictures of Dukuh story, LOW SKILL but vigorous, struggling, one has rangda figure might not be Dukuh. One is large, 22x19. *****

Similar to his elder brother Togog, Tantra lived a poor life. He did not go to school and could not speak Malay. He worked mainly at the coffee plantations and died young. He is known to have danced the gambuh.  (H. Geertz 1994: 112)

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Brother: Ida Bagus Made Togog
Teacher: I Nyoman Patra