Ida Bagus Ketut Sawa, active -, 22 works

Like his older brother Sasak, Sawa had only been painting for less than year at the time of Bateson and Mead's arrival and was not a member of the Pita Maha collective. However, he did visit Spies and Bonnet on one occasion in order to sell them paintings. There are seventeen pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission (H. Geertz 1994: 111). His first picture in the collection is Oct. 20, 1936 18x14, complex of people preparing for a wedding ceremony. The second one is the Gambuh picture, no date, but might be May or December, 1936. May 1, 1937, Bima Nioe picture is large and competent. Interesting stories. FIRST LARGE: May?, 1936, 14 x21, gambuh. Many of his others are large too. ETHNOGRAPHIC RITUAL PICTURE: April 3, 37 of nyekah to sea, Feb. 3, 38 of pedanan at temple.
CENTRAL — SERIOUS ABOUT 20 LOW > HIGH SKILL THIRD WAVE 17 PICTURES Brahman Boeda, youngest brother of Ida Bagoes Gede and Ida Bagoes Sasak, in 1938 already married and living in own karang. On MK photo list, but no interview. See Gede and Sasak. first picture in coll. Oct. 20, 36 LOW SKILL; Kepet picture, 12/37 is HIGH SKILL. HG interviewed in 1985. Grew up in pekarangan near IBM Togog's. Father had been sentana there, I think (He said "I" was sentana; and by that he may mean that he was finally chosen as heir after the law suit with Astawa). But had connection with Geria Dangin of Buda group. This pekarangan had some sawah attached to it, but it must have been pawned when he and his brothers were young. By MM and GB time, he had moved out to the pekarangan to the east, where IBAstawa was living in 1985. His sister married into Geria Dangin and became a Pedanda, the old lady who died in the 1980s. Father was just a farmer. No school. When he was truna he became a long distance garlic trader, going up to Kintamani area and buying, and selling them in Den Pasar. Had a bicycle, I think. Was dancing from age 10, in gambuh, as sisia in Calonarang, in Arja. Went to Jogjakarta to dance arja during Dutch time, in group headed by Dewa Agung Gianyar, with klian Arja from Sukawati, with two others from Batuan (AARaka and AAGeria.) They had three women dancers too. He danced "mantri". Danced Gambuh in Ubud (in front of Puri) and in Sayan. Went up to Ubud with Djatasoera to sell, and once with Togog to Bayung Gede to sell. Said of pictures that he "couldn't do things like Arjuna." In post war period ran a warung kopi that was anti—Soksi during the turmoil period in Batuan. Dictated texts, first one was Jan 1, 1937 -- Daha story. Not clear why MK didn't interview IBKt Sawa while he interviewed his two older brothers (Sasak and Gede), when he started earlier in picture—making than either of them, made more pictures, continued longer, and was much better. They both started much later. My evaluations of his pictures were on the high edge of the "Low" category.

On the Bateson and Mead list. Similar to his older brother Sasak, Sawa did not receive an education and could not speak Malay.  

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