Modara, active -, 4 works

The legend of Modara has it that he was given his name by the high king of Klungkung after his drawing of a minister from the wayang of the same name. According to a Dutch civil servant, P. de Kat Angelino, who researched in Klungkung around 1920, Modara was remembered as the name of Wayan Greha, who had been given two wet-rice fields for his drawing of the figure Mahadara. Part of the reason that Modara’s family, from the Pulesari clan, could integrate into the work of the Sangging is that they were hereditary dalang, shadow theatre puppeteers. This branch of the clan trace their descent to Dalang Buricek, and have continued this connected tradition into the twentieth century. Later oral history confuses the picture by identifying Modara as Gede Mersadi (born 1771?), the uncle of Greha.