Ida Bagus Wayan Duduk, active -, 4 works

co-artists of pictures in Bateson-Mead coll. -- none First picture in coll. 4/37. FIRST LARGE is 4/26/37 12 x x19, false pedanda, crude
CENTRAL - SERIOUS LOW SKILL ABOUT 40 THIRD WAVE ILLITERATE CAN'T SPEAK MALAY INTERVIEWED 3 PICTURES T Questionnaire: Older man, father of Ida Bagoes Tjeti Raka, T. estimated in 38 that he was 40 years old, same age as T's father, Ida Bagoes Kompiang Koeroeh. Moved to Soekawati later, with son IBTjeti Raka, but at that time, lived very near IBTogog. One of the few older ones who tried picture-making -- taught by his son. Brahmana Boeda, poor, takes care of livestock of others, father alread dead, mother from Brah Boeda of Negari. Half Sister is Peranda Istri Poetoe Moenoeng. Two wives, one is Desak, the other Dayu from Brah Buda, Batoean. Son Tjeti lives with him. father danced in gamboeh, Doedoek makes togog, kajang, merada penannggo (makes costumes with gold-paint). Has gone to Tabanan to work on a plantation for 3 years owned by some white man. Can't read, write or speak Malay, can read and write Balinese, the one who taught him was Niayange Dajoe Dadoe. MK interview: 1. Has been painting about 2 years (so in collection are first ones). Other work is making togog, drawing on lontars, merada sabuk, making kajang, making prerai. He does not do stone carving or wood carving in puras, etc. He plays gamelan in gambuh. He knows how to make pictures on lontar He was not taught by anyone He started making pictures together with his son IBTjeti He has been the penasar in the gambuh. 2. He is making a few more pictures now than previously. Works with Ida Bagoes Tjeti and Dewa Roeki Works at home, usually with others, usually daytimes He gets his stories from his own memory, not from friends or teachers. He has gotten some from lontar. He thinks of a story then makes a picture from it. 3. Most of his pictures he sells to Tuan Bajoeng He used to sell in Badoeng directly to the toeris-toeris He is not a member of Pita Maha and didn't try to be He has never sold to Hubolt or Neuhaus He has sold pictures to someone else who sold it for him He has never sold a picture of someone else. 4. He has had no contact whatsoever with any of the koelit poetih Never has been to their places. 5. His first picture made was of someone taking care of cow and he sold it in Badoeng He doesn't know who were the first picture-makers in Batuan first picture seen was by Togog has watched Patera paint 6. Likes: in wayang likes Darmawangsa (elder brother of Bima) and Kresna. He likes the story from the Adiparwa of Sang Oetangka. Of dances he likes gambuh most. He enjoys picture-making. In making pictures he likes to make flowers and forst best. He likes the nerap step best (terap - to arrange, put in order). He has never seen endahin, tonja, leyak, or been in a trance. He has he dares to do all on the list. He would dare to go to Surabaya if he had the money. 7. He has lived outside Batuan, in a perceel in Djembraran, which belongs to some white man, for three years. He makoeli there. 8. He has been to Hubolt's place with a dance troupe. Has been to Museum Bali. Has not been to any of the other places on the list, except to Badoeng hospital to visit someone sick.