Anak Agung Alit, active -, 1 works

Only one picture in Bateson and Mead collection, purchased Jan. 17, 1937 — crude
Member of the ruling family of Batuan. Bateson-Mead information: Age: about 12-13 Son of the highest status and most powerful man in Batuan of the time, Anak Agung Gede Ngurah, who was juru tulis to the Punggawa of the region, which was centered in Pliatan in the late 1930s, was just finishing up 5th year of elementary school in Sukawati, and was about to go on to become an apprentice civil servant (magang) in the Pliatan office that very same year. Survey information: MARGINAL EARLY TEEN UNSKILLED THIRD WAVE LITERATE SPEAKS MALAY