I Wayan Bendi, active 1970 - 2020, 7 works

Bendi is considered by other Batuan artists to be something of an outsider, due to his unconventional use of caricatures and sketches, which can be drawn quicker than the elaborate detail which is present in other works by Batuan artists.  His works primarily depict the modern history of Indonesia and the behaviour of tourists.  (Hohn 1997: 161)
Had served as the Bendesa Adat Batuan (2010–2015), Klian Banjar of Pekandelan and Prajuru Ageng of Pura Selam Sukaluwih. The eldest of the sons of Wayan Tawang to start painting. One of the most successful artists of his generation.

Married three times to Ni Wayan Rapeg, Ni Made Meji and Ni Wayan Sulasih.

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