I Nyoman Patra (1900–1935)

Originally a goldsmith and silvermsith, Patera then turned his interest to the art of drawing, painting his first picture in 1932. Although his first works do bear a resemblance to that of Mura's (his teacher), he quickly developed his own unique style. (Hohn 1997: 38-42)  
Bateson-Mead and Geertz notes: CENTRAL - SERIOUS MEDIUM SKILL ABOUT 25 (AT DEATH IN 1935) LITERATE SPOKE MALAY NOT INTERVIEWED NO PICTURES There is one picture in the Mead File at the Library of Congress. T Questionnaire (There is no MK interview, since Patera died in 1935) age: T estimated in 38 to be 28 years old, same age as IBPSentoelan. This would make him same age as Djatasoera and Togog who are also same age as Sentoelan. I list them as about 25 years old in 1936. So, for Patera about 24-5 when he died, and about 20 when he first contacted Bonnet in 1932. Banjar - Den Tiis, mesiwa to Kemenoeh. Rather well-off, but not getting richer. Father - I Baret, still alive, Mother - Ni Rawit, also from Den Tiis, still alive. Siblings: I Moena, married, living with father. Ni Tabla, married. I Patra. Ni Sari, married. Ni Moerah, still bajang. When he was still alive he lived with his father. Wives: 1. Ni Djati -- jaba from banjar Koripan, desa Sedang, in Blahkiuh, has been married about 5 years. Has two children, Ni Soekera and Ni Soekeri. 2. Ni Djenek, from Den Tiis, memindon (this is the sister of Ngendon), married about 3 years. One child: I Senter (the art shop owner, later) Work: Father works in fields and takes care of cows. Patera makes togogs. Wife no. 1 weaves and medagang, wife no. 2 only medagang. Patera mainly does medagang, but also makes pictures and togog. Illness: once for two years, last one for 14 days and then died, "sakit ngeboes oejang". One child was sick and died. Drawing -- for 5 years. Can write and speak Malay.

Patra died suddenly of a rupture on 5 October, 1935.  (Hohn 1997: 42).

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