Ida Bagus Putu Sentulan, active -, 3 works

His geria was one with which Ngendon was associated. Only a few examples of his work are known. CENTRAL - SECONDARY ABOUT 25 UNSKILLED THIRD WAVE? ILLITERATE SPEAKS MALAY NO PICTURES He worked as assistant artist with a number of people, but never appeared as primary artist. [I have not included him in my count of 71 artists] HG interviewed, taped. Troewi Questionnaire 1. Age (1938) about 28, already married, same age as Ida Bagoes Togog 2. Brahmana Siwa, poenkoesan Boen 3. Banjar Batoean Geria 4. Mesiwa ke Siwa 5. "fairly well off", and getting wealthier. 6. Father: Ida Bagoes Ketoet Boen, still alive Mother: Desak Nyoman Djeleka, Satria Toeka from Banjar Djeleka, still alive. Siblings: l. Ida Bagoes Poetoe Sentoelan (self) 2. Ida Bagoes Made Tibah 3. Dayu Nyoman, died when about 5 years old 4. Dayu Ketoet - sampoen badjang 5. Ida Poetoe - died when about 7 years old 6. Dayu Made, died when about 1 year old 7. Ida Nyoman - just starting to get adult teeth 8. Dayu Ketoet -- still little Still lives at home with father and younger siblings 7. Wife: Siwa, banjar Geria Batuan, has been married about 6 years, wife was kin from Brahmana Siwa. 8. Children - l. Dayu Poetoe Klab - just getting adult teeth. 2. Dayu Make Kloeb - still little, 3. Dayu Nyoman, died, 4. Ida Bagoes Ketoet - still very little. 9. Work: Father: toekang togog Self: makes togog and takes care of ayam Wife's work: Dagang. MK Interview 1. Has been making pictures about 1 year [so started in 1937] Other work is making togog. Has played gamelan in gambuh. No other kind of work. Teacher was Ida Bagoes Made Tibah Has completed the work of others 2. Is making more pictures now than previously Works with Dewa Kompiang Pasek Has no murid Has made drawing for someone else to complete Works at home, usually with friends, daytime Gets his stories from his memory not from teacher or friend. Has gotten some from lontar. Thinks of story then makes picture. 3. Sells most now to Tuan Bayung Before sold to tourists Is not in Pita Maha and did not try to enter Has sold to Tuan Hubolt, to Tuan Neuhaus, has sold on his own, and has sold pictures of friends 4. Has never been taught by a foreigner Has been to the homes of Tuan Meier, Spies, and Bonnet. Has nt worked there, nor has he brought a completed picture for correction. Has watched Tuan Meier work with pencil, water color, and oils. Has been told by foreigner to make a picture according to their wish, but none of the other things on list. Has not tried to copy pictures. 5. First picture was of the forest, story of Adi Parwa, Sang Pandoe shooting a deer with a bow and arrow. The first picture makers in Batuan were Tibah and I Dewa Nj. Moera. The first picture he saw was by Ngendon. He has watched Patera draw. 6. Likes: in Wayang, Sutasoma and Sang Pandoe. Story, Wiwa di siat Betara Siwa Ngelawan Sang Arjuna. Performances, Topeng. In drawing, likes to make alas-alasan ring tingkah. Likes to do nerapin and ngucek. Has never seen endihan, tonja or leyak, nor has he been possessed. Would dare anything on the list except eat beef. Would dare to go to Surabaya if he had the money. 7. Has never lived outside Batuan 8. Has been to: Hubolt, Museum, Toko Ikan, Spies, Bonnet, Meier, Mershon, inside Bali Hotel, Kerta Ghosa, movie, hospital when sick. Has not been to: LeMayeur, Bulelelng, Besakih, Batukau.

On the Bateson and Mead list. Originally from the Siwa Geria. Established an art-shop in the 1950s (according to ASITA archival documents).

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