I Dewa Nyoman Dadug Kayunan, active 1936 - 1976, 9 works

Seems to have only worked as a painter when Bateson and Mead were in Batuan.
Agus Dermawan identifies D. Kompiang Kayunan as an artist active until 1965. Other records have Dewa Dadug's year of birth as 1912.

Dadug was not interviewed by Bateson and Mead's assistant, Kaler, so less is known about his personal life. However, he was primarily a musician, and there is evidence that he had experience in cutting out and painting shadow puppets.  (H. Geertz 1994: 103)   Dadug is sometimes incorrectly transcribed as Dagug.

Related Artists
Teacher: Ida Bagus Nyoman Raka Ceti
Nephew: I Dewa Ketut Ruki
Brother: I Dewa Made Kayuan
Nephew: I Dewa Putu Gunung