I Wayan Rajin (1945–)

Perhaps one of the most influential and well known of artists in Batuan after 1945, occupying a similar position to his father, Jata. Rajin was identified early as a painter with exceptional talent and skill. He is also knoenn for his individualism and personal feeling that he depicts in his works, a trait which has sometimes caused friction between him and the Bali authorities. His works are well sought after, not only for the high degree of artistic skill, but also for their creativity (Hohn 1997: 165-166).

Related Artists
Teacher: I Made Jata (1920–15 Jul 2001)
Student: I Ketut Rida (–)
Student: Ni Wayan Artini (1977–)
Daughter: Ni Wayan Artini (1977–)
Student: I Dewa Made Galung (1940–1970)
Student: I Ketut Murtika (1952–1995)
Student: I Dewa Nyoman Purwa (1960–)
Student: I Nyoman Kastawa (1970–)
Student: I Gusti Nyoman Muryasa (13 Dec 1956–)
Father: I Made Jata (1920–15 Jul 2001)
Student: I Ketut Mertha (1962–)