Ida Bagus Made Tibah, active -, 27 works

Tibah had been painting almost as long as Togog and Ngendon, two of the earliest Batuan painters. He studied Bonnet and Spies' paintings and sometimes sent his work for their criticism. He was a member of the Pita Maha, and continued to paint after the war. There are twenty pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission (H. Geertz 1994: 112).
IDA BAGOES MADE TIBAH CENTRAL - SERIOUS LATE TEENS LOW > MEDIUM SKILL SECOND WAVE? ILLITERATE SPEAKS A LITTLE MALAY INTERVIEWED 20 PICTURES T Questionnaire: Brahmana Siwa, Boen. Younger brother of Ida Bagoes Poetoe Sentoelan and son of Ida Bagoes Boen In 1938 T. estimated age as 21 years, kantoen troena, unmarried, same age as Ida Bagoes Njoman Tjeti. Rather well off, and getting richer. Father, Ida Ketoet Boen, mother Ksatria from Banjar Tengah. Father made togog, gambled, tradesman. Tibah does dagang and gambles as well. Sells base'. Can't read or write Malay, but can speak it. Can read and write Balinese. MK interview: 1. Has been painting about five years. Work other than painting: sells base - [sirih material] No other kind of work, such as carving. Teacher - none Worked with I Ngendon at first Has completed work drawn by another. 2. Is painting less now than formerly Works now with I Poerna, Ida Bagoes Poete Sentoelan Students: Poerna, Sentoelan Has made drawings for friends to complete Works at home, alone, daytime usually, sometimes at night Gets his stories from memory, not from friend, teacher, or lontar 3. Sells most now to Tuan Bayung Formerly sold at Museum Badung for PitaMaha Is a member of Pita Maha Has sold to Hubolt Has sold on his own Has never sold the picture of someone else 4. Has been taught by a foreigner Was taught to stand up and look at picture from a distance, so that you can arrange (ngoendoekang) the near-far of the leaves. Has been to home of Spies and Bonnet. But has never worked there Has often brought them completed pictures which they would correct. Has been told by foreigner to correct a picture Has watched Tuan Meier paint, with oil paints Has been asked by a foreinger to make a picture according to the wish of the foreigner. Has been told by a foreigner to copy a picture by a Balinese from Batuan, and to copy a picture by Ida Bagues Nadera from Bedulu by Tuan Meier. Has been told to copy a photograph by Tuan Meier. Has tried to copy the picture by the painter from Bedulu. And has tried to copy a picture from a book. 5. First picture was from Tantri -- Papaka and tiger, threw it away Thinks that the first picture-makers in Batuan were Ngendon, Patra and Togog. First picture seen was by Ngendon Watched Patera make picture 6. Likes: in wayang, Sang Kresna, Anoman. in stories, Bratajoeda -- the death of Sang Karna. Performances, arja, and likes to watch dancing. In making pictures likes to make oemah-oemahan and djelma, likes ngorten and ngucek Has never seen endihan, tonja, or leyak, and hasn't been possessed Deares everything on list, would not dare to go to Surabaya 7. Has never lived outside Batuan 8. Has been to: Hubolt, Museum, Toko Ikan, Spies, Bonnet, LeMayeur, Meier, Mershon, Kerta Ghosa, movies, hospital in badoeng. Has not been to: Bali Hotel, Buleleng, Besakih, Batukau. Mentioned in other interviews: Djatasoera, Baroe ************** co-artist of pictures in collection - I Poerna 1st picture in collection was ?/36, Papaka, 2nd was 11/30/36, abduction, third was Bawang Kesuna. TIBAH -2- One month after MM and GB started work in Batuan, studying Siwa cremation, Tibah brought him his first ritual picture (Meperani, day before Nyepi). Made 14 large ritual pictures in 6 months, last one in February, and M and B left in March. **** Pre-Apr, 36 none Apr 36 - June 37 Apr 36 - Papaka and tiger. LOW SKILL - might be his first one Nov 36, LOW SKILL - bathing woman being abducted, village life FIRST LARGE: Apr 27, 37, 29x18, Bawang and Suna, large complex, distributed story, LOW SKILL/MEDIUM SKILL July 37 - Mar 38 Aug 27, 1938 - just one month after B and M arrived in Batuan. meperani ritual at Nyepi, LOW SKILL, large 15x20. Series of ritual pictures, MEDIUM SKILL: Oct 37, Nov 37, Dec 37 (the Sudamala), Dec 37 (rice field ritual pictures - 4), ritual for baby, pedanda consecration (2). Feb 38, MEDIUM SKILL weaving steps, story MEDIUM SKILL, ritual outside village (Sanghyang Djaran), man falling from tree, story of Bukit Bawang. Goes from April 36, LOW SKILL to MEDIUM SKILL by Oct 37. Total number of ETHNOGRAPHIC RITUAL PICTURES: 14, almost all large. May have continued to work in post-war period

On the Bateson and Mead list of 1930s Batuan painters. Tibah was the son of a moderately well-off pedddler who worked selling carvings to tourists. Despite not going to school, he could speak a little Malay. In the 1970s, he opened a large art shop.  (H. Geertz 1994: 112) Geertz claims Tibah was born around 1926.

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