Ida Bagus Nyoman Sanur Tampi, active 1935 -, 38 works

He once presented a picture to Spies and Bonnet for criticism, and he was a member of the Pita Maha. There are thirty-four pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission (H. Geertz 1994: 110).
H. Geertz gives date of death as 1980. Hohn gives 2014. He notes that the name came because the family were originally priests in Sanur who then moved to Sukawati and subsequently Batuan.

Coming from a poor family of Brahmana priests, Sanur Tampi never received an education, although he could speak a little Malay. He himself later became a priest.  (H. Geertz 1994: 110) Sanur Tampi learned how to paint from his older brother, Ida Bagus Togag (who did not produce many paintings).

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