I Dewa Ketut Pasek Ginjing, active -, 5 works

CENTRAL CHILD LOW SKILL THIRD WAVE 5 PICTURES Oldest of three brothers from Jero Kajanan Ksatria group, whose pictures are indistinguishable. They worked together. They are Dewa Ketoet Pasek Gindjing, Dewa Kompiang Pasek Malen and Dewa Made Koenel (or Koendel?). The latter shows up only as an assistant. HG interviewed Dewa Kompiang Pasek, June 1, 86. He is sister's husband of Ketut Kantor and rejoined the Pura Desa Batuan in 1986.

Pasek Gindjing was only a child in 1937. He was the older brother of Pasek Malen.  (H. Geertz 1994: 108). Pasek Gindjing was not interviewed by Kaler.

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