I Ketut Keteg (1919–10 May 2010)

Starting painting in 1935/1936, according to Hohn.
Dermawan (2006: 118) has his year of birth as 1912.

Not much is known about Keteg, as he was never interviewed by Kaler (Bateson and Mead's assistant). He is known to have come from the same neighbourhood as Ngendon, and studied with him. According to Hohn, he also was part of the genggong ensemble. He continued painting after WWII, and spent time in Ubud, where he was a friend of Ida Bagus Made.

Related Artists
Teacher: I Nyoman Ngendon (1903 to 1914–1946)
Student: I Wayan Dayuh (1923–1966)
Nephew: I Wayan Dayuh (1923–1966)
Student: I Ketut Kicen (1929–)
Student: I Wayan Sundra (–)
Brother: I Ketut Kicen (1929–)