I Dewa Kompyang Ketut Kandel Ruka, active 1935 - 1965, 34 works

1903-1972 according to some records

Kandel worked in the fields, and had been taught by Ngendon. He had not attended school and could not speak Malay. Similar to his father, Kandel worked in the fields as a farmer. He was also accomplished in gamelan (orchestra), gambuh and baris (traditional dances). Despite visiting Bonnet and Spies for their criticism of his works, Kandel claims to have never received any commission to paint a certain kind of picture for them. After 1965, Kandel stopped painting and opened a furniture shop in Denpasar (Hohn 1997: 94).

Related Artists
Teacher: I Nyoman Ngendon
Son: I Dewa Kompyang Suparta