Ida Bagus Ketut Diding Painting - all, active 1935 - 1974, 26 works

Diding was a member of the Pita Maha, and showed his works to Spies and Bonnet for their criticism. There are sixteen pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission (H. Geertz 1994: 103). He worked with I.B.M. Bala, with Diding drawing the contours and Bala completing the work with washes (Hohn 1997: 86). Painted less frequently after Indonesia's independence in 1949 (Hohn 1997: 86).
Could speak Malay, danced gambuh (H. Geertz 1994: 103). Geertz has Diding as been born circa 1911. Dermawan (2006: 71) has Diding's birthyear as 1910.

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