I Nyoman Reneh Painting - all, active 1932 - 1942, 26 works

Made Kaler's notes: co-artist -- Ida Bagus Wajan Kandel Debel (most likely this is Dewa Wayan Kandel Debel, neighbor of Reneh). Picture in Puri Lukisan, Ubud, dated 1933, on ply-wood with tempera, LARGE 82 x 29 cm., "Permainan Tjalon Arang". Reneh appears to be one of the earliest Batuan painters. He was a member of the Pita Maha, and there are six pictures by him in the Bateson-Mead Commission (H. Geertz 1994: 110). He was teacher of I Made Budi (interview A. Vickers 2013).
Age in 1936: About 25 Began painting: Second Wave Skill: Medium Skill Place: Central -- Serious

On Made Kaler's photo list, but not interviewed. May have been busy as a dancer. Best known to be a professional dancer and a maker of shadow puppets, must have learned wayang cutting with DPKebes. His son is the great dancer Made Jimat (H. Geertz 1994: 110). The family confirmed that he was 'Nyoman'.

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