Ida Bagus Made Togog Painting - all, active 1935 - 1989, 230 works

Togog was one of the first Batuan painters (along with Ngendon) to paint with an eye to sell his paintings on the tourist market in Bali. Continued to paint in the post-War period, when he did more works in colour.
Bateson-Mead Notes: IDA BAGOES MADE TOGOG CENTRAL - SERIOUS ABOUT 25 HIGH SKILL FIRST WAVE ILLITERATE SPEAKS A LITTLE MALAY 83 PICTURES [number of pictures does not include Dream Pictures, 108]

One of the most important Batuan painters, and also a story-teller. Worked closely with Bateson and Mead, and later with Hildred Geertz, and was also an important source of information for Adrian Vickers. Togog came from a priest's family and was trained as a ritual specialist. He did not attend school (he could only speak a few phrases in Malay, a language which H. Geertz terms as the language of the foreigners), and had little interest in Western matters, despite his involvement in making paintings to serve the tourist industry (H. Geertz 1994: 18-20, 114). T Questionnaire: In 1938, T. estimated aged as 26 years, same age as Ida Bagoes Poetoe Sentoelan, already married. Brahmana Boeda, poengkoesan Gianjar Father, Ida Bagoes Poetoe Soeta, dead about 14 years ago, when IBTogog was 12 years old. Mother Dayu from Brahmana Boeda, Batoean. Siblings: Ida Bagoes Kompiang, already married but living at home, Ida Bagoes Made Togog, married and living at home, Ida Bagoes Poetoe Tantera (painter, see above). poor, father had made kajang, sekah, and gambled, IBTogog make kajang, sekah, took care of chickens, gambled. Wife wove and was tukang banten. Lives off picture-making. But also does moelas, mearda kamben, ngambar di entale, ngae kadjang, pererai. Dances in Gambuh - perabu. Wife: Dajoe Resi, older sister of Ida Bagoes Made Togag (Diksa) see above, and Ida Bagoes Njoman Sanoer Tampi (painter) Two children, Dayu Gambar and Ida Bagoes Made Kawoe. Had an illigitimate child (oka bebindjat) with Dayu Resi, before they were married, a boy who was only an oton old when he died. ***************** Date of making first pictures: Picture of Dayu Gambar at 4th otonin, dated, in Balinese character, subtracting back, she was born in April 21, 1935. IBT according to story he told me started making pictures in earnest after he learned of Dayu Resi's pregnancy and returned to Batuan. This would then probably be August or September 1934. ***************** MK interview: 1. has been making pictures about 6 years. before he learned to make pictures he could moelas kamben, merada kambeng, ngambar di entale, ngae kadjang, pererai. Could carve togog. Nothing else Does not play gamelan. Dances in gambuh, Peraboe Before he did gambar making, he moelas kamben and did lontars. Had no teacher, except watched Ngendon make pictures. 2. Does more pictures now than previously. Does not work with anyone else Students: Ida Bagoes Tjeta, Ida Bagoes Sanoer, Ida Bagoes Tantra People who finish his work: Ida Bagoes Wajan Gede, Ida Bagoes Tjeta Works at home, usually alone, day or night Gets his stories from memory, from lontar, thinks of story then makes picture. 3. Sells mostly now to Tuan Bayung In past sold in Museum Badung and Pita Maha Ubud Was early member of Pitamaha Has not sold to Hubolt or to Tuan Neuhaus Has sold pictures on his own, has sold the work of others. 4. Has been taught by a foreigner Was taught to set picture up and look at it from distance and to study it. Has been to see Spies and Bonnet work, and had his work criticized there. Has worked at home of Tuan Bonnet and had his work corrected. Watched Bonnet work with pencil,ink, color, colored chalk at Bonnet's place. Has done work at request of foreigner, was told to copy a lontar picture, but not to copy anything else. has, on his own tried to copy Ubud style, work of Dewa Gede Sobrat (wayang style). Has tried to copy the work of Tuan Bonnet. Has tried to copy a picture in a magazine. 5. First picture was Tantri - heron and crab, sold at Museum Badoeng. Thinks the first ones to make pictures in Batuan were Ngendon and Patera. First picture he saw was by Ngendon Has watched Patera work. 6. Likes: in wayang, Anoman. In stories, tantri. In performances, Djoget. Likes cockfighting. In drawing likes to draw taman-tamanan and alasalasn, likes the ngeringgit step. Has never seen endihan, tonja or leyak, has never been possessed. Would dare all the things on the list. 7. Has lived outside Batuan, in persil Jemberana, 3 months, working, planting coconuts. 8. Has been to: Museum, toko Ikan, Spies, Bonnet, LeMayeur, Meier, Mershon, inside Bali Hotel, Bulelelng, KertaGhosa, Besakih, BatuKau, movie, hospital in Badoeng and Bangli. Has not been to Hubolt [I doubt this]. Mentioned in other interviews: Djatasoera, Doedoek, Gede, Rai, Roeki, Sanoer, Sasak, Tantera, Tjenik, Tjeta, Tjeti, Togag