I Bojog, monkey stories

Usually ascribed to the 'Tantri' stories, there are many tales of the wicked monkey, I Bojog or I Lutung, sometimes I Landean. In Batuan, one of these stories tells of sequence of events: I Bojog, the wicked monkey, plucks all the feathers from a rooster. One day, the rooster sees the monkey is hungry, and out of revenge, tricks the monkey and takes it to a desert island. The clever monkey, however calls all the sea creatures, and tricks a tortoise into carrying it ashore. When they get to the shore, there is a tiger waiting, and the monkey and the tiger kill the tortoise and make it into sate. The monkey, however, tricks the tiger and steals all the sate, eating it in a tree. Later, the monkey meets some goats, and goes back to tell the tiger that there is a mother and baby goat it can eat. The tiger, now suspicious of the monkey's tricks, agrees to go to the place where the goats are only if it can tie its tail around the monkey's tail, so the monkey can't run away. The monkey rides on the tiger's back. When they get to where the goats are, the goats have covered their mouths in red paint, and tell the tiger that they have just eaten a tiger, and if it looks in the water, it can see what remains, the tiger's head. The tiger looks in the water, and seeing the reflection of its own head, thinks it is a dead tiger, and runs away. The monkey falls off the tiger's back, but gets dragged along by the two tails tied together (as told by Made Griyawan to AV, 14/3/17).