Tells of the Pandawa brother, from the period in the Mahabharata when the Pandawas are in exile. Arjuna meditates in the forest, but his mediation means that he will gain power that threatens the gods, so they send heavenly nymphs, led by Suprabha, to tempt him away from his asceticism. They fail to do so. Arjuna then meets a hunter, and fights him over the claim that each fired the arrow that killed a boar. The hunter turns out to be Siwa in disguise, and he gives Arjuna the Pasupati arrow of power. Arjuna and Suprabha then go out to deal with the demon Niwatakawaca, who threatens the world. Suprabha seduces the demon in order to find out that his invulnerability does not extend to his tongue, meaning that Arjuna can then kill Niwatakawaca.