Photo by Leo Haks

Haks 001

Depicts the Brayut narrative

Cokorda Oka, active 1930 - 1975, 3 works

Completed 1933

Wedding procession, showing the groom on a horse and the bride being carried in a sedan chair. Top left are a couple, a woman with many children, and a man with a turban, probably indicating that the couple are Men and Pan Brayut (although the groom being married is not ugly, as their son is usually depicted as being).
This painting was reproduced in The Netherlands Indies, a Jubilee Album, published by the Travellers Official Information Bureau of Netherlands India, Batavia, 1933 (info Leo Haks). According to notes from Leo Haks, this had once belonged to the artist Gabrielle Ferrand.
73 cm x 75.5 cm
mixed technique on cloth