Photo by Leo Haks

U1027 Haks 365

Depicts the Bimaswarga narrative

Pan Putera, active 1935 - 1960, 2 works , Pan Rena, active -, 1 works

Dated 1937

'Bima Soearga' 12 mythological scenes; batik, costume, hat, kris, dancing, fighting, sticks, clubs.
Seems to be the work discussed in an interview by Jane Belo (with Gusti Made Sumung), dated 17 April 1937, with the family of Pan Putera's brother, Wy Rena. He said that his father (Wayan Reco in the genealogy, presumably Pan Rena) was the artist.
35 cm x 50 cm
washed pen and ink and watercolour with red on paper.