Photo by Leo Haks

Haks 191 Naga Basuki Manik Angkeran

Painted in Batuan - Dated 1936 to 1938

The story of Manik Angkeran, the son of a brahman who was a gambler. He traveled through a tunnel at Kusamba until he came out at Besakih. There he gambled against the serpent Basuki, who burned him up. This conflict led Manik Angkeran's father to split Bali off from Java, which had previously been one land mass. This is the founding of the Besakih temple, which is named after the great serpent (Naga) Basuki, and the story of the origin of the island of Bali.
'Het ontstaan van Bali'; Geschiedenis Goenoeng Agoeng'; snake, tiger, birth of Gunung Agung, mountain, dragon; annotations in hand Bonnet: 'Naga Bisoeki met I B Manig Ankeran'. 'Geschiedenis A Goenoeng Agoeng. number; H&M stamp.
34.5 cm x 43.5 cm
mixed medium on paper