Photo by Emma Furno

AM E076373 Smaradahana

Depicts the Smaradahana narrative

Kaki Rambug, active -, 6 works

Painted in Kamasan

The burning of Smara. Attribution by Nyoman Mandra.
There are two scenes portrayed on the cloth. 1. The narrow scene across the top of the painting depicts the God Smara (or Kama), firing his flower arrow into the heart of the meditating God Siwa. In front of him is his charioteer carrying a whip. Behind Smara are the four gods who are the guardians of the four quarters and Narada/Wrehaspati (?). Below these figures are three princely figures and behind them the two parekan, Twalen and Mredah. Siwa is dressed as a meditating ascetic and beside him are his two guardians Nandiswara and Mahakala. 2. In the large scene below we see Siwa, in the form of a multi-armed and multi-headed monster (pamurtian). He burns the God Smara who we see lying in the midst of the fire in front of Siwa. Behind him again are three of the divine guardians of the quarters and Narada/Wrehaspati (?) and, below them, three courtiers and the two parekan, Twalen and Mredah. Below Siwa and to the right as we view the scene once again the two guardians Nandiswara and Mahakala are depicted. [ref PW 2005]
132 cm x 166 cm
pigments on cotton cloth [ref reg]