AM E074199

Depicts the Ramayana narrative

Pan Remi, active -, 2 works

On Balinese cloth [ref reg], Thin Balinese cloth [ref LC]
Scenes read L > R [ref reg] 1. Attended princess talks with 'knight' of the right (since accompanied by Twalen and Morda). 2. All from scene 1. meet Hanoman. 3. Hanoman makes up to princess. 4. 'Knight' confronts Raja attended by Delem and Sangut, therefore of the left. 5. Hanoman and princess in bed together less intimate than many such scenes. 6. Raja angered by sight. Although there is an exellent scene divider between scenes 5 and 6, they seem to be one scene. The architectural divider could be the wall of the pavilion in which Hanoman and princess are sleeping [ref LC]
28 cm x 337 cm