AMNH 70.2/1114 Aji Darma: Hunting scene

Depicts the Tantri narrative

Dated 1850 ±50 years

Aji Darma. The first part of the Angling - or Aji Darma story, showing the king Aji Darma hunting in the forest, receiving the gift of speech with animals from the serpent king, his wife's suicide when he refuses to tell her of the nature of this gift, and his encounter with three witches in his subsequent travels. Note that Aji Darma is iconographically the same as Prabu Melayu in Malat paintings. This is a fine 19th century work, perhaps not Kamasan. Much of the colour has been washed out from exposure to the weather, leaving it predominantly black.;
24 cm x 841 cm
Cloth (cotton), Pigment