AMNH 70.0/8306 Hell scene

Depicts the Bimaswarga narrative

Ni Made Remi Painting - all, active -, 5 works

Dated 1938

Hell scene, woman suckling a caterpillar
According to Mead's accompanying notes, this work, along with AMNH 70.0/8307, AMNH 70.0/8308 and AMNH 70.0/8310, were commissioned from a woman in Kamasan, Ni Made Remi (presumably the daughter of the artist Pan Remi, who is not mentioned), probably because of Mead's interest in female artists. She notes, however, that Ni Remi did not normally paint, but coloured in sketches of male artists. This work depicts a hell scene showing a woman suckling a catepillar. This work is from the Bimaswarga panels which, along with the other three associated works, seem based on the Kerta Ghosa paintings on which Pan Remi worked, and perhaps Ni Remi coloured. This work also belongs with AMNH 70.0/8309.
36 cm x 36 cm
Cloth (cotton), Pigment