Malat: Great battle

Depicts the Malat narrative

Kaki Rambug, active -, 6 works

Painted in Kamasan - Dated 1880-1900

77 cm x 268 cm
Natural paints on Balinese canvas

  • Currently in the Private Collection of East Bali

  • 03-348 Malat: great battle

    Depicts the Malat narrative

    Painted in Kamasan - Dated 1890 to 1940

    The great battle, with the king of Mataram in the centre; Panji killing Mataun and Prabu Melayu killing Lasem at the top, with various portents in the sky. There are some similarities to the Rambug painting of this scene, but the format is very different.
    130 cm x 133 cm
    paint on cloth