Sita’s Ordeal by Fire (Sita Satya)

Depicts the Ramayana narrative

I Ketut Madra, active -, 10 works

Painted in Peliatan - Dated 1973

The final battle over, with Rawana and his army destroyed, Sita emerges from her captivity only to learn that she cannot resume her role as Rama’s trusted wife, because despite her fidelity in captivity, her purity has been questioned due to her proximity to Rawana. Crushed, Sita orders Hanoman to prepare a pyre. As she steps into the fire, however, the heavens open and Brahma in the form of Agni, god of fire, prtects her from the flames, which he then transforms into a lotus pond.
Madra has painted this scene often. He always varies the size and treatment to emphasize different Ramayana heroes at the story's end. He says he finds Sita's honesty and purity one of the most moving lessons of the Ramayana. (text by David Irons)
81 cm x 129 cm