Hanoman and Sita in Langka

Depicts the Ramayana narrative

I Ketut Madra, active -, 10 works

Painted in Peliatan - Dated 1973

Madra imagines here the central role of Hanoman, the white monkey general and leader of the Wanara army, allied with Rama in his quest to recover Sita from captivity by the demon king Rawana. At Rama’s request, Hanoman flies to Langka to find Sita, and let her know that her rescue is coming. To identify himself and quell any potential fear she may have of him, he carries with him Rama’s ring. The scenario unfolds in four episodes. The first (center, top) shows Hanoman spying from a tree in his search for where Sita is being held. Having located her, (upper left), he presents her with Rama’s ring and receives one from her for her husband. Captured by Rawana’s forces (lower left), Hanoman is brought before Rawana (upper right) bound by a serpent noose. Not shown here is his dramatic escape with his tail on fire and the conflagraion he ignites in Rawana's palace. (text by David Irons)
94 cm x 135 cm
acrylic and ink on canvas