Rama and Laksamana rescued from the Nagapasa

Depicts the Ramayana narrative

I Ketut Madra, active -, 10 works

Painted in Peliatan - Dated 1973

Rawana’s son Meganada (Thunder Cloud), also known as Indrajit, is unequalled in magical powers. He joins the battle against Rama’s approaching army after the death of his brothers and many other demons. Hidden by clouds to attack by ambush, Meganada wounds both Rama and Laksmana as they near the citadel of Langka. The nagapasa, a magical arrow that assumes the form of a water-serpent lasso, entwines the brothers and immobilizes them. The monkey army, helpless without its leaders, is in despair until the great bird Garuda arrives in response to the call of Wibisana, Rawana’s youngest brother who has allied himself with Rama and reminds Rama that he is an incarnation of Wisnu. Garuda, vehicle of Wisnu and overpowering enemy of all naga, releases Rama and Laksmana from the spell of Meganada’s weapon (text by David Irons)
77 cm x 119 cm
Ink and acrylic on canvas