L1076 (L0016) Rerajahan

Depicts the Rerajahan narrative

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, active 1931 - 1978, 117 works

Painted in Ubud - Dated 28 Nov 1936

"Iti Bali Serjijoet, ngaran, oerane [serana], peripihan kantjana (mas) Maka toembal negara pendemakena madianing dire, Bale Moeka aranije Anggen djimat koease, agong palanje ngangge iki" (in latin script on back). Translation by Raden A.K. Widjojoatmodjo: "This is named Bala Serijoet [literally "Multiple Solderi" or "Multiple Army"] with golden menstrual cloth. Used as a toemboel (magical object) for the cournty. Bury it in the middle of the village. Bala Moeka [literally "Face Soldier"] is his name. Used a powerful djimat (magical object). Great is his power who uses this."
Reverse has a naturalistic image of legong dancers in charcol
ink on cardboard