The story of king Aji Darma

Depicts the Aji Darma narrative

I Dewa Kompyang Ketut Kandel Ruka, active 1935 - 1965, 34 works

Painted in Batuan - Dated 1932 to 1960

On the left a king with bow, has short, right, a snake. Forest setting. This shows king Aji Darma, who has come across Nagini, the daughter of the naga king Anantaboga, having sex with a commoner tampar snake. Aji Darma kills the tampar snake to save Nagini from shame, but in the next part of the story, she slanders him to her father. When Anantaboga leans the true story, he grants Aji Darma the gift of knowing the speech of animals.
Name of the back of the painting, although very different from his other works.
34 cm x 24 cm
tempera on paper