AM E094643 Biografi Keluarga Mangku Mura

Nyoman Kondra, active -, 1 works

Biografi Keluarga Mangku Mura
Completion date on back: 27/10/2011 Compare to Brayut Ref recording/ video - narration of this painting was sung by Kondra
"1. Mangku Mura and his wife with their seven children; 2. Nyoman Kondra learning how to paint with Mangku Mura; 3. Wedding proposal for Kondra (to first cousin); 4. Prayers at family shrine (sanggah) for wedding; 5. Birth of twin daughters to Kondra and his wife; 6. Birth of third daughter then son, Kondra pictured with wife and four children; 7. A male and female tourist arrive in a big blue van outside his home with sign; 8. The male tourist films Kondra talking about a painting while his young son looks on and the female tourist drinks from a plastic water bottle; 9. Kondra begins to carve a barong mask as his son looks on; 10. The barong is completed Kondra and his son stand besides it, Kondra holds the head; 11. Kondra instructs a group of young village boys to play the gamelan ensemble; 12. Galungan time. Kondra cuts the meat (mebat) to make sate with his son, his three daughters make offerings and his wife is frying the traditional biscuits on her gas powered stove; 13. All the young boys play music and accompany the barong as it goes around the village. "
Acrylic & ochre on cotton cloth