AM E094630 Dewi Sri

Mangku Muriati, active -, 5 works

Painted in Kamasan

Dewi Sri
"Two rows beginning in the bottom left hand corner with the gods Siwa and Narada travelling down to earth in order to provide humans with a source of food. Siwa is carrying seeds with him but they spill unexpectedly and scatter onto the earth. From the seeds a male and female child are born and raised by the couple Kaki and Nini Patuk who name them Dewi Sri and Rambut Sedana. These are the names of the custodian deities of rice and money and the pair are honoured with shrines in most Balinese temples. As they mature the siblings begin to wonder about their parents, Narada descends to inform them that Siwa is their father and takes them to heaven where Siwa acknowledges them as his children. Returning to earth Dewi Sri and Rambut Sedana fall in love. Siwa becames angry when he discovers their relationship and incinerates Rambut Sedana, throwing his ashes down to earth. Dewi Sri asks Siwa what has become of her brother and he tells her that he was killed as punishment for their transgression. Out of loyalty and love for her brother Dewi Sri demands that Siwa kill her too. On earth her ashes grow into a type of grass that bewilders Kaki and Nini Patuk until Siwa appears to tell them that it is rice (padi). The ashes of Rambut Sedana are reincarnated as the finches (burung pipit) which appear with the rice crop at harvest time. "
Acrylic & ochre on cotton cloth