AM E094628 Kanda Mpat

Mangku Muriati, active -, 5 works

Painted in Kamasan

Kanda Mpat
"Made up of nine parts (eight around a centre, like the nawasanga) but is a chart of the microcosmos depicting the different forms of the four siblings (kanda mpat) born with each person. A newly born infant occupies the centre of the cloth with an eight-petalled lotus blossom (padma). The child is surrounded by the manifestations the siblings adopt outside the human body. The demonic forms (buta) occupy positions of the four cardinal directions with Banaspati Raja in the north, Anggapati in the east, Prajapati in the south and Banaspati in the west while their animal vehicles (wahana) are at the points in between. Letters (aksara) of the Balinese alphabet and syllables also correlate to each form and are written onto the cloth. The four siblings are present at birth in the placenta (ari-ari), amniotic fluid (yeh nyom), blood (getih) and navel cord (lamas) and are important protectors and guardians but can also cause harm if not given the appropriate offerings in daily life and at important rites of passage. "
Acrylic & ochre on cotton cloth