Photo by The Princeton Photographer

B437 Story: Batur Taskara.

Ida Bagus Ketut Siring Painting - all, active -, 6 works

Painted in Batuan - Dated 4 Nov 1937

Man lying down in hole in ground, with witch over him.
FILE: TEXTB437\nThe Story of Batur Taskara: Winning Sakti\n(dictated by Ida Batus Ketut Siring)\nB437, November 4, 1937, 7.5 x 9 inches.\nA long time ago there was a Brahmana in the kingdom of Patalina-Gantung. This Ida Bagus was a very bad thief. And so the King announced that he was going to expel all thieves from the kingdom.\nSo when they found that the Ida Bagus was a thief, they sent him away to the forest. In the forest he found a geria. He went to the geria to ask for blessing (panugerahan) from Empu Bajera Satua. So the holy man commanded him to go to the graveyard. He told him to sleep down in a grave, and when he was lying there, in the middle of the night, Empu Bajera Satua came as Durga. And gave him the panugerahan, and told him to bathe in the morning. After he bathed he had become a wiku, a holy man. And then he was given the command (wecana): he was not allowed to go home until the month of Karo.\nSo after that he worked (kekaryanang) in the geria, and after he had been there a long time, a woman came. Her name was Maya. They had pleasure together for a long time, and then they had one child. After they had a child, but it was not yet the month of Karo, the woman Maya told him that she was going to go home to Patalina Gantung. Because he was so happy in his heart with the woman (seneng pisan ring pekayunan ring sang isteri) he went with her to his home.\nWhen they arrived at the border of the kingdom of Petalina Gantun, because he was tired he stopped to rest under a Kepuh tree. The King of Petalin Gantun had lost a goat. He commanded the banjar to go and look for him. They came to the kepuh tree and asked the pedanda (the thieving Brahmana) politely, Begging your pardon for bothering you, your highness, but have you seen a goat? And he answered, No! And then the woman Maya disappeared and became a goat. And then the banjar beat the Ida Bagus to death. Puput.
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