Photo by The Princeton Photographer

B600 Story: Panak Jagal tries to kill Galuh.

Ida Bagus Nyoman Raka Ceti, active 1936 - 1990, 58 works

Painted in Batuan - Dated 21 Feb 1939

Line drawing: woman in tree is presented with a worm by another woman; courtyard in background; lower left corner, upturned jug and ladle.
What's this? The flower is making me itch?\n\nSo she threw it on the ground. And it grew into a plant (kasegseg). So then the butcher's daughter took the plant for a vegetable. When she gathered it together, the segseg plant spoke from the pan:\n\nJukut Keciwi is the butcher's daughter! (?)\n\nSo the butcher's daughter was angry. How is it that a vege able can speak like this? And she spilled out the pan and the vegetable onto the ground. And it grew into a bila tree (mango).\n\nSoon after that the butcher's daughter was pregnant. She was restless and couldn't sleep, and she asked for a bila fruit to eat. The Prince went to look for it, but there wasn't any. There was just one fruit, which was hidden.\n\nSo then the butcher's daughter went to it and the one bila fruit fell down. It hit her belly. And then landed in a basket of rice chaff and chopped straw near the stove. The mother of the dukuh (?) Asked for some rice chaff.\n\nNah, there it is, take it from the stove, Men Dukuh!\n\nWhen she got home she turned into ashes, and thus did Raden Galuh, the princess die. She didn't know that the bila fruit was in those ashes.\n\nThat's the story of the death of the Princess in Tamansari. The daughter of the butcher was taken by the Prince [Raden Mantri anak muani]. And the Princess [Raden Galuh] was destroyed by the butcher's daughter.
ink on paper