Photo by The Princeton Photographer

B594 Story: Truna Kebo, when his parents tried to kill him. (Kebo Iwa)

Ida Bagus Nyoman Raka Ceti, active 1936 - 1990, 58 works

Painted in Batuan - Dated 26 Feb 1938

Muscular nude figure carrying massive piece of wood; woman, sitting on ground, holding piece of wood; man holding two fingers up on top of tree that has top cut off.
FILE: TEXTB594\n\nPicture by Ida Bagus Nyoman Tjeti, Feb. 12, 1938\n\nNotes on back by GB:\n\nIda Bagus Nj Tjeti orten•, I B P Moeda finished.\n\nSatoewa I Teroena Kebo. His parents had no children but they were rich. The asked a child of Dalem, and agreed to give it all the food it needed. It was kereng amah• [ate a great deal] and was very strong named I Kebo Teroena. He ate so much that the parents tried to kill him. Here seen trying to kill by dropping a branch on to head but Kebo only caught the branch. Parents tried to get the bandjar to kill him, but the spears felt like semoet• [ants] only. Later he became a great carver in stone and remains of his work are still extant many e.g. at Tawe. Finally he was killed in cemetery by being covered with lime.
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