Photo by The Princeton Photographer

B593 Story: from the Adiparwa.

Depicts the Adiparwa narrative

Ida Bagus Nyoman Raka Ceti, active 1936 - 1990, 58 works

Painted in Batuan - Dated 26 Feb 1938

This is an Adiparwa story. There was a priest Animanawia. That was his name. Next [now] the priest Animanawia performed yasa [lit. 'meritorious deed'; it means 'meditation' in this context]. The yasa was termed yasa of the vow of silence. Speaking was not permitted. It happened that a servant of the king pursued a thief there, to the place where he [Animanawia] was performing yasa. Then the servant spoke to priest Animanawia. In short/The result was that he remained silent, he did not speak, when asked which way the thief had gone. Then the servant searched for him, in the area where he was performing yasa. He searched in his [Animanawia's] hermitage. It transpired that the thief was discovered by him [the servant]. He had hidden there in the hermitage of Animanawia. Then the thief was captured [and] tied up, then handed to to the king. Such are the details of the thief's capture. The king finished speaking. He commanded the subject to put the thief to death. He [the subject] was commanded by the king to stab [?] the priest Animanawia's backside. It was said that he had collaborated with the thief. That was the reason that he would be stabbed. The origin [of this with regard to] the priest Animanawia]: when he was still small, he had been fond of stabbing the tails of dragon flies. He had stabbed them with a piece of spiky grass [lalang] and tied them up. (VERY ROUGH TRANSLATION H. Geertz).
Tjeti:.Puniki katuturan satua Adiparwa. Wenten Ida Begawan Animanawia,parab idane punika. Raris Ida Begawan Animanawia, ngwangun yasa. Mawasta tyasane, yasa monobrata. Tan wenten dados mangenikan[mangandika]. Kadadosan wenten panjak sang prabu, mangetut maling mriki, ring genah idane mayasa. Raris matur i panjak ring Ida Begawan Animanawia. Puput meneng nente[n] mangenika [mangandikal ida, katunasin pa1akuan i maling. Ngraris i panja[k] mangruruhin, sakuub genah idane ngawangun yasa. Ring pasraman idane, karuruhin. Kadadosan panggihinnya i maling, irika mengkeb ring pasraman idane Animanawia. Raris kejuk i maling, katalinin nraris [ngraris] katurang ring sang prabu. Sapariindiknyane, i maling keni kejuk. Puput pangenikan [pangandikan] Ida Anake Agung, nganikayang [ngandikayang] i panjak, ngamatiang i maling. Ida Begawan Animanawia, kanikayang [kandikayang] nyuled, silit idane, antuk Ida Anake Agung. Kabaos ida milu ring maling, sapunika awinan ida kasuled. Wit Ida Begawan Animanawia, saduke kari alit, seneng nebek ikuh capung, antuk lalang ngunjukin, ngikuhin.
Forest setting: man in center is surrounded and attacked by circle of figures in bush and trees; bottom, one man holds large kris; left, snake looks on; top left, two naked figures; top, man in tree holding knife. FRAME; SNAKE; CONFLICT; SPOTTED TREE; EXTERIOR; FOLIAGE-FILL; TIPPED-UP
ink on paper