Photo by The Princeton Photographer

B154 Story: I Amad and Ni Suroja.

Depicts the Amad narrative

Ida Bagus Made Jatasura, active 1932 - 1948, 29 works

Painted in Batuan - Dated 10 Mar 1938

A priestly figure wearing wings stands on a wall and makes a cursing gesture towards a group of men over the wall, one of whom (probably Amad) is captured by an naga, probably a snake arrow. At the fron of the group below the wall is a woman with bow and arrow, presumably Ni Seroja. Behind the man with wings are people sleeping (?) in the founds of a temple or palace.
MEN FIGHTING DESIGN; CONFLCIT; EXTERIOR; FOLIAGE-FILL; DIAGONAL; Battle. Mass of people at bottom. Man entwined in snake. Wall and gate with people behind it. Leaves at top.
ink on paper