L1077 The defeat of King Watugunung

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, active 1931 - 1978, 117 works

Painted in Ubud - Dated 1 Dec 1936

Watugunung was a powerful king whose great hubris meant that he challenged the standing of the gods and built an iron city. The gods attacked him, but every time they killed him, he came back to life. His downfall came when his wife, a goddess, discovered that she was also his mother, and so revealed the secret of his vulnerability to the gods, who then killed him. In some versions of the story it is the god Siwa who kills Watugunung, but from the club he holds, the god in this drawing appears to be Brahma in his cosmic angry form, called pamurtian in Bali. The story is better known in Java than in Bali, and on both islands is associated with the naming of the weeks as a key to forms of divination. In some explanations, each death and rebirth of Watugunung gives a name to a week, in others the weeks are named after him, his wife/mother and her sister, and his followers.
Large, many-headed, many-armed demon is grabbing another demon by throat.