Analyse | Record View

The Record View Pane shows all data stored for a single selected record. This data matches the data entered via the Data Entry Screen (see Add Data), under the following headings:

  • Shared. All field content, including image thumbnail, available to all record Owners or workgroup members.
  • Private. Your personal bookmark information attached to this record: ratings, personal notes, links, citations etc.
  • Text. Additional private rich-text notes or shared discussions.
  • Linked From. Any relationship records that link to (reference) this record.

Tip. References to other records can be clicked to view.

Viewing Thumbnail Images

If a thumbnail image has been added to a record it is displayed in the Shared section. You can click on the image to enlarge it:

Use the following controls for viewing the image:

To zoom (or use your mouse scroll wheel).

To pan (or click and drag the mouse).

To centre.

Click Close to reduce the image to its original size again. Click Download to store a copy of the image on your computer.

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