Database | Structure | Rebuild Record Titles

This option recalculates all the constructed (composite) record titles, compares them with the existing title and updates the title where the title has changed (generally due to changes in the title mask for the record type). At the end of the process it will display a list of records for which the titles were changed and a list of records for which the new title would be blank (an error condition).

Note. To check the validity of title masks, see Administration | Verify Title Masks.


Title fields are scanned and title usage updated where applicable. The scan shows a list of records for which the titles were changed. This includes:

  • number processed
  • number marked for update
  • number left as is (these are left blank due to incorrect formatting etc. and need to be checked manually via the next step)

To view all updated records in the Search Results Pane (in a new browser window), click the view updated records link.

Note. If the title is blank, update the record appropriately (see Define New Record Type | Title Masks).

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