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Note. You need to be logged into any existing database in order to create a new database. For instructions on creating your first database and registering as a new user, see Creating your First Database below.

Databases are created on a shared server. You become the Database Owner (and therefore Administrator) of any new database, which inherits your login credentials (which can be changed if required through the Settings | My User Info option).

Creating a New Database

Choice of Template

If you are creating a standard database, leave the setting as the default Standard Database Template. This automatically configures the new database with a set of required Record Types, Detail Types (Fields), Ontologies, Vocabularies, Terms and Constraints. Template schemas can also be imported later if required (see Templates).

Note. Select Example Database if you wish to view and use the example database in order to experiment with Heurist’s features; once you no longer require your version of it you can delete it.

Choice of Database Name

Database name settings are:

  • hdb_ (Mandatory − cannot be modified) All Heurist databases have a fixed prefix, normally hdb_, set by the system Administrator for a particular server.
  • Prefix (Optional − recommended) This defaults to the first letters of your username. While this can be blank we recommend using a consistent personal prefix across databases or groups of like-databases, in order to easily locate and identify your databases and avoid name-clashes.
  • Name (Mandatory) Enter a name to identify your database.

Important. It's really important to choose a good database name, since many databases can exist on a single server. Do not use spaces, apostrophes or other special characters in the database name, as these will be 'stripped' out on creation of the database. For spaces between words, we recommend using underscores. Also note that database names are case sensitive: 'AddressBook' is not the same database as 'Addressbook'. Once the database has been created, its name cannot be changed, so choose carefully (if you wish to later have a different name for your database, you would need to use the Clone Database option to create a copy of the database with the new name).

Once you've chosen the name, click Create Database. Database creation typically takes a few seconds.

Once the database (hdb_yourprefix_databasename) has been created (on the current server), its details are displayed on a Confirmation dialog:

Note. It may be useful at this point to bookmark the supplied database link for easy access later.

You can log into your new database immediately by clicking the database link; your new database will open in a new tab, and the current database will remain open.

Creating your First Database

If you are creating a database for the first time (on this server), navigate to the Heurist Project Page and select Create Your Own Database. You will be asked to register your user details.

User Registration

In order to start using Heurist and before you can create your first database (on this server), you need to register once (per Heurist installation) via the Heurist Project Page.

Heurist Project Page. The address of the Heurist Project Page is installation-dependant, but it is normally installed at the root web address of the server or as heurist or h4 at this address. For example, on the dedicated Heurist server at the University of Sydney the Heurist Project Page URL is: Or from the Heurist Network site, you can register in order to start creating a database by clicking the Build your first database now button.
Important. If the URL of this page starts with http:// (rather than https//) your details are not sent over an encrypted connection so do not enter any private information here (such as your bank password etc.). If you require greater security, please consult your System Administrator to discuss security and HTTPS.

Select the Terms and Conditions of Use checkbox to read the terms and conditions (this enables the Register button) and click Register.

Once your registration is approved you will receive a confirmation email from the System Owner, showing your login details.

Note. You should receive a registration confirmation email within anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on time zone differences and the efficiency of the System Owner − if the delay is longer you may consider emailing the System Owner directly.

You can continue to create your first database (all subsequent databases on this server are created from within an existing database) as described above.

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