Once you have begun to populate your database, this tab provides various tools for filtering (& editing) the data, analysing it and publishing it.


Heurist provides basic search functionality for finding keywords within your data. However, it also provides tools for creating sophisticated filters which can be saved and applied against your data to produce data subsets for subsequent analysis.

Searching for records requires creating and running a search filter (an expression) to drill-down on the search result-set, to which you can optionally apply rules (RuleSets) to expand the search results. Searches can be saved for future use, for publishing to web sites or sharing with colleagues.


Various options are available from the Search Results pane, for managing individual records, including editing single and multiple records and and carrying out other actions on your data


A view provides a way of presenting or manipulating your data. Once you apply a filter to your current data, you can view and analyse the result-set through a range of built-in views. In addition to viewing record data, you can view your data-sets as a map-timeline, pre-export, network diagram and crosstabs.


You can define, preview and publish user-defined reports (using the Smarty reporting language).

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