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The Text page allows you to add extended notes to your record or to engage in a discussion with other workgroup members.

There are two components in the text tab:

Extended Text

The Extended text area allows the user to add their own personal notes and choose to make them private (visible only to them) or public (shared with their workgroup or other specified workgroups or individual users. (In contrast to the Discussion area, which is intended for a shared view only.)

Note. Private text should be entered into the Private Information tab | Private Text box.

Click on the Extended Text field to open the Rich Text Editor (see Rich Text Editor). Enter multiple blocks as formatted text, and add links and graphics. You can set the edibility and visibility of the content individually for each block.

Note. The Text Editor is very similar to the Notes field on the Private Information tab except that it defaults to being visible to other users (whereas the private Notes field defaults to being visible only to the Owner of the bookmark).

Threaded Discussions

The Threaded Discussion section allows nested discussion between group members, with each comment being owned by a specific user. Only that user can edit or delete their comments. This provides a space for the exchange of ideas or views and records the names of the contributors.

To start a new discussion, from the Discussion pane, click Add Comment. Enter your text in the text field:

Click Save Edit to save the comment.

To add another, top-level comment, click Add Comment again.

To reply to another user's comment (discussion), click Reply to this for the comment.

Replies are nested:

Edit or delete top-level comments as required.

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