The Advanced Search Builder lets you build more complex filter expressions (see Advanced Search Functionality below).

To open the Advanced Search builder, click on the Advanced Search Builder link (available from the Quick Search dialog).

If the set individually checkbox is:

  • Selected, then click Add for those properties you wish to add to the Search String.
  • Not selected, then each property you select is added automatically to the Search String.

Note. You can enter or modify the filter expression directly (see Search Syntax) in the Filter box.

Complete the fields as follows, and click Search to run the filter expression and display the results in the Search Results pane.

Sort By

Select a private or shared field to sort on, either ascending or descending.

Record Type

Select a record type to search.


Search across personal and workgroup Tag fields.

Enter tags within double-quotes: "to read", otherwise each individual word is searched. Enter all or part of a tag (e.g. 'travel' and also 'trav').

Tag search also works across other Workgroup tags, allowing you to discover resources that other people have tagged with predictable terms; for example, search for 'history' or 'map' or for widely used but more specialist terms such as 'chronology' or 'GIS'.



  • Title (the default). Words typed in the Contains field are matched against the record titles only. This is very good for quickly retrieving records you have bookmarked where you know some word(s) from the title and the set of results will be small. 
  • URL. Search across URLs (the hyperlink for the record).
  • Fields. Select a specific field (leave blank for all fields).

Owned By

Search records owned by yourself or a particular workgroup.

Bookmarked By - then

Search records bookmarked by a particular user, then matching users.

Advanced Search Functionality

The following table highlights the additional functionality offered by the Advanced Search:

Search Feature



Search all fields, title fields and tags

Search across bookmarks or all records

Partial string matching of titles and fields

Exact string matching of titles and fields

Partial string matching of tags, keywords, and special fields

Comparison operators on numeric fields and dates, including relative to ‘today’

Filter by multiple partial string matches

Filter for records of specified types

Filter for records bookmarked by specific users

Filter for records owned by specific users or groups

Sorting by text, date, popularity, date of addition and modification, specific fields etc.

Search across personal bookmarks or whole database with one click

Search across the web with one click

Search parameters can be saved as saved searches for personal or shared workgroup use

View full data for a record within search results without loading separate page

Sort on common fields

Sort across all fields

Build search string incrementally

Build search string manually, using search modifiers

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