Heurist Academic Knowledge Management System Vsn 5

Open Source collaborative web database software for recording, analysing and publishing richly interlinked research data integrated
with web bookmarking, bibliographic functions, flexible data import, XML and archive output, reporting and XSL transforms,
network visualisation, mapping and timelines.

Subsequent databases can be created from within Heurist using Database > New Database.
You become the owner of the new databases created.
Browse the list of databases on this server.
You will only be able to open databases for which you have login details.
A one-stop shop for everything Heurist, including full documentation, training materials,
workshops, hosted Heurist services, exemplars and annotated database templates

Heurist Academic Knowledge Management System, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney (C) 2005 - 2019 University of Sydney

Team leader/designer: Ian Johnson
Lead Programmer: Artem Osmakov
Server Manager: Abed Kassis
Documentation: Ian Johnson, Vincent Sheehan, Claire Reeler
Other Programming: Tom Murtagh, Kim Jackson, Steve White, Maria Shvedova, Ireneusz Golka, Damian Evans, Mitema Emmanuel, Steven Hayes.
External Programming: Arjen Lentz, Maxim Nitikin.
Interns: Jan Jaap de Groot, Marco Springer, Erik Baiij, Tobias Peirick, Hanna Chamoun

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